Hydra child

hydra child

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Hydra child

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The Hydra could have been a massive counterpart of real-world water snakes, many of which have deadly venom. Coming upon a nest of snakes or a favorite feeding site could give the impression of a single multi-headed creature that was almost impossible to kill. The Hydra also could have had a more symbolic meaning. Such swampland could also prove deadly over a longer period of time. As a favorite breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other insects, wet territory like the land surrounding Lerna encouraged the spread of malaria and other diseases.

The Hydra in Greek mythology is often called the Lernaean Hydra to distinguish it from other, similar monsters. Taking the name of the swamp did more than just give the Hydra a location, it tied it to the dangers of the area. Lerna was more than just a marshy lake region, though. In Greek mythology, it was also a portal to the underworld. These entrances to the underworld were thought to exist all over the living world, hidden in remote and dangerous locations.

In addition to the natural dangers, the Greeks believed that such gateways were guarded by fearsome and hideous monsters who would kill any mortal who came too close. By making its lair at Lerna, the Hydra served as one of many guardians to the realm of the dead. The monsters who watched over these sites served not only to keep the living from wandering into the lands of the dead, but also to make sure the souls of the dead could never escape.

And, again like the Hydra, they were often associated with snakes. Its brother Cerberus, for example, guarded the gates that lay beyond the River Styx. When Theseus was bound to the Chair of Forgetfulness as punishment for entering the underworld without permission, its straps were said to be serpents that coiled around his body. Snakes were so closely associated with this realm that they were one of the sacred animals and identifying attributes of Hades himself.

The giant Typhus, who led his kin in a war against the Olympians, also had snakes either as a belt or protruding from his skin. Some said that he had taken the rulership of Tartarus, the darkest part of the underworld, after his demise. Lamia , who was responsible for the deaths and disappearances of children, was a serpent-tailed woman.

Apollo and his oracles were associated with snakes after he and Artemis killed the great Python. There are hints in the literature than many of these dreadful serpent creatures lived and hunted near portals to the underworld. The Greeks were not alone in associating snakes with death and the underworld. Living underground and sometimes lashing out with deadly venom, snakes were linked to death around the world.

The Hydra is remembered for its part in one of the most well-known stories of ancient Greece. Like many monsters of legend, including several of its siblings from Echidna, the Hydra was the subject of one of the twelve labors of Heracles.

The great hero had been hated from the moment he was born by his jealous stepmother, Hera. As his fame grew, she had caused him to be driven mad in an attempt to stop his popularity from increasing any more. In a frenzy, the legendarily strong demigod had turned against his own wife and children, killing them in cold blood. Filled with remorse, Heracles had consulted an oracle to learn how he could do penance and atone for the sin of killing his own family. She told him to enter the service of Eurystheus.

The king assigned the penitent Heracles a series of nearly impossible tasks to prove his strength, devotion, and will. If Heracles could complete them, he would earn forgiveness and be closer to gaining a place next to his father on Mount Olympus. Some sources claimed that the Hydra had not been an issue prior to this. Hera raised the monster just to pit it against Heracles, hoping it would kill him.

In this type of myth, Hera and Eurystheus were working together in an attempt to cause the downfall of Heracles. Unable to kill him outright, they hoped the difficult quests they came up with for him would result in his death instead. Soon, however, he realized the fight would be much harder than he anticipated. He had not been prepared for how difficult it would be to defeat the regenerating Hydra.

With Iolaos Iolaus driving, Herakles rode a chariot to Lerna, and there, stopping the horses, he found the Hydra on a ridge beside the springs of Amymone where she nested. By throwing flaming spears at her he forced her to emerge, and as she did he was able to catch hold. But she hung on to him by wrapping herself round one of his feet, and he was unable to help matters by striking her with his club, for as soon as one head was pounded off two others would grow in its place.

Then a giant crab came along to help the Hydra, and bit Herakles on the foot. Faced with both the invulnerability of the Hydra and the crab that appeared to help it, Heracles realized he was outmatched. His strength and skill would be nothing against a creature whose heads grew back and multiplied faster than he could dispatch them. Other depictions had him using a sword or a handheld sickle to slice through the many coiling necks of the creature he fought.

The crab was easy to defeat, he simply crushed it beneath his foot, and had come, or been sent by Hera, simply as a distraction. The many-headed Hydra could not be overcome alone, though. Heracles called for his nephew to help him, and the clever young man came up with an ingenious way to stop the beast.

Perhaps inspired by Athena, he picked up one of the flaming torches they had used to find their way through the marsh. As soon as a head was removed, he used the torch to cauterize the wound. By acting so quickly, the wound was closed before a new set of heads could grow from it.

Only one remained. According to some versions of the legend , the center head of the monster provided an additional obstacle. This head, unlike the others, could not be killed. Heracles used his golden sword, a gift from Athena , to remove this last serpentine head.

As it continued to wriggle and lash out at him, he placed it beneath an enormous rock to keep it from being a further threat. The rock remained as a landmark between the town of Lerna and neighboring Elaius. No one ever dared to move it and risk exposing the deadly, still living, head of the Hydra. His second task complete, Heracles returned to Eurystheus. By receiving help from his nephew, Heracles had failed to complete the task by himself.

Eurystheus would eventually assign Heracles two additional tasks to replace the ones he had gotten help with, bringing the number of quests to twelve. Although he made the last two jobs particularly dangerous, stealing a golden apple of immortality from the Hesperides and bringing Cerberus out of the underworld, Heracles prevailed in the end. She plagued him throughout his life but was unable to kill him for many years.

The goddess placed the Hydra into the night sky as a constellation to commemorate it. The crab she placed there, as well, as the constellation Cancer. After destroying the great snake creature, Heracles saw a use for its potent venom.

These poisoned arrows would service Heracles well in his later adventures. He used them many times in both the labors assigned by Eurystheus and other fights. As the centaur lay dying from the toxins on the arrow, he cleverly came up with a way to get his revenge on Heracles. The death also left a stain on the earth itself. The blood on the robe was tainted with a terrible poison. When Heracles put on that robe, it began to burn his skin.

Searing him to the bone, the poison nearly drove the hero mad with pain. As the poison ate away at his body, Heracles threw himself onto the pyre. His wife, realizing what she had done, killed herself in despair. Before his death, Heracles had made his son Hyllus vow to marry Iole so she would not be left alone. This was not the end of Heracles, however. He had achieved redemption and been accepted as the son of Zeus.

The flames that were meant to cremate him burned away only his mortal half. The divine part of him that came from Zeus remained. Now fully divine, he ascended to Olympus to take his place among the ruling gods. The last poisoned arrow would be used by him to kill Paris at the height of the Trojan War.

Like many myths of ancient Greece, the story of the Hydra has its roots far deeper in history. To trace the origins of the Hydra, one has to look beyond the Mediterranean and to the ancient cultures of Mesopotamia. But these depictions were a later development of the myth, and relatively rare.

Some ancient writers tried to come up with a rational explanation for the myth of the Hydra. Heraclitus, for example, suggested that the Hydra really had only one head, but was accompanied by its numerous brood—that is, the Hydra was really many snakes rather than a single many-headed snake. The Hydra was one of the children born to the monsters Typhoeus and Echidna.

Typhoeus and Echidna were usually represented with serpentine features and many heads—characteristics they passed on to their terrifying offspring. The battle between the Hydra and Heracles was no accident. According to the seventh-century BCE poet Hesiod, the terrible creature was raised by Hera for the express purpose of slaying Heracles, whom she hated as an illegitimate son of her husband Zeus.

According to the most familiar version of the myth, Heracles found the Hydra in its swamp near Lerna and attacked it with the help of his nephew Iolaus. Eventually he realized that he could prevent the heads from growing back by quickly cauterizing the stumps with fire. Thus, every time Heracles cut off a head, Iolaus scorched it with a torch so that it would not grow back. Thus, after Heracles cut it off, he buried it in the ground and covered it, still thrashing, with a large boulder.

The ancient Greeks believed that that boulder could still be seen on the road to Lerna. In some traditions, Hera sent a giant crab to help the Hydra in its fight with Heracles. The crab bit Heracles, but this only enraged the hero, and he easily crushed it to death. Both the Hydra and the crab were transformed into constellations after their deaths: the Hydra became the constellation Hydra, while the crab became Cancer. After Heracles had killed the Hydra, he coated the tips of his arrows in its poisonous blood.

These poisoned arrows accompanied Heracles in many of his subsequent battles. The Hydra has had a long and colorful afterlife in modern pop culture. The mythical creature has been adapted by writers such as H. Lovecraft and Henry Kuttner. A monster movie, titled simply Hydra , was also inspired by the many-headed serpent of Greek mythology.

Strabo, Geography : A late first-century BCE geographical treatise and an important source for many local Greek myths, institutions, and religious practices from antiquity. Hyginus, Fabulae : A Latin mythological handbook first or second century CE that includes sections on the myth of the Hydra. Gantz, Timothy. Graf, Fritz. Salazar, Manfred Landfester, and Francis G.

Published online The Heroes of the Greeks. London: Thames and Hudson, Kokkorou-Alewas, Georgia. Zurich: Artemis, Ogden, Daniel. Oxford: Oxford University Press, Rose, H. A Handbook of Greek Mythology. London: Methuen, Theoi Project.

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